Article I
(第1条 名称および目的)

A. Name The name of this organization shall be the Japan section (hereinafter referred to as the Section) of the Marine Technology Society (hereinafter referred to as the Society).
(A.名称:Japan Section)

B. Purpose, Objectives and Scope of Activities

Purpose The purpose of the Section is to promote broader understanding among the Society’s members and the general public regarding marine and ocean technologies. The Section’s membership consists of engineers, scientists, lawyers, economists, students and members of related professions.

The objectives of the Society are to:

Facilitate a broader understanding of the relevance of marine technology to wider global issues by enhancing the dissemination of marine technology information;

Promote and improve marine technology and related educational programs; and

Advance the development of the tools and procedures required to explore, study, and further the responsible and sustainable use of the oceans.

Article II
(第2条 支部の地理的範囲)

The territory of the section shall be the entire country of Japan

Article III
(第3条 正会員および賛助会員)

A. Eligibility
Membership shall consist of persons residing within the Section territory. Applicants must have an active professional interest in the Section objectives.

B. Classes of Membership
Membership classifications of the Section shall be the same as those of the Society. A Section may be composed of both members and affiliates. Members must be members in good standing of the Society and shall have the rights and privileges provided them by the Bylaws of the Society. Affiliates may not vote or hold office.

Article IV
(第4条 組織)

A. Officers
The Section shall elect a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

B. Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is composed of the officers of the Section, the immediate past Chairperson and up to five additional members to be appointed by the Chairperson. The appointed committee members shall be selected such that the Executive Committee represents a cross section of the marine technical community.

C. Board of Advisors
The Board of Advisors shall comprise up to 15 persons appointed by the Chairperson for a one- year term with a maximum of three successive terms. The immediate past Chairperson shall preside over this Board, which shall serve strictly in an advisory capacity for the Section.

D. Election of Officers
Elected officers of the Section shall serve for a term of two year beginning on July 1 and continuing through June 30. The Vice-Chairperson shall, upon completion of his/her term of office succeed to the office of Chairperson. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall assume the duties of the Chairperson for the unexpired term, thereby vacating the office of Vice-Chairperson. All other vacancies shall be filled by the Executive Committee by interim appointment for the period up to the next election, at which time the Section shall choose a member to fill out any unexpired term. In the event the office of Vice-Chairperson is filled by such interim appointment, the Section shall elect both a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson at its bi-annual election.

The Executive Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of one Committee and two Section members not later than September of election year. Not more than one member of the Executive Committee may be a member of the Nominating Committee.
(Ex.Com.は、役員選挙年の遅くも9月にはNominating Committeeを組織する。役員一人およびEx.Com.が指名する2名のMemberで構成する。)

The Nominating Committee shall nominate one or more persons for each elective position for which a vacancy occurs and shall make a report at a regular meeting of the Section. The incumbent of any elective position may be renominated. Nominations from the floor or by petition are in order, following the report of the Committee. No nominee’s name shall be placed on the ballot unless he/she has stated his/her willingness to serve if elected.
(Nominating Committeeは、各選出ポストについて1人以上の候補者を指名し、これを支部総会:regular meetingで報告する。)

The election shall be by mailed or electronic ballots. Ballots shall be mailed to all Section members within ten days following the regular meeting at which nominations were presented. The ballots shall state the date and place they are to be opened and counted. Election results shall be certified to the Executive Secretary of the Society by December 1.

E. Duties of Officers and Executive Committee
The duties of the officers shall be those customarily performed by such officers, together with those responsibilities prescribed by the Bylaws of the Society and by these Bylaws, and such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the Section and, as such, shall have full power to conduct, manage and direct the business and affairs of the Section in accordance with the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Society and these Bylaws.

Specific duties of the officers are summarized as follows:

E.1 Chairperson – The Chairperson is responsible to the Executive Committee and shall preside at all meetings of the Section and Executive Council. Except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws. The Chairperson shall appoint all Standing and Special Committees of the Section.

E.2 Immediate Past Chairperson – The immediate past Chairperson shall serve on the Executive Council and shall preside over the Board of Advisors.

E.3 Vice-Chairperson – The Vice-Chairperson shall be responsible to the Chairperson and shall exercise such authority as may be delegated by the Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson shall also serve as the Chairperson of the Program Committee. Upon completion of his/her normal term of office, he/she shall succeed to the office of Chairperson.
(E3.副支部長 – Ex.Com.メンバーであり、かつProgram Committeeの議長となる。)

E.4 Secretary – The Section Secretary shall maintain the official records, including membership roster of the Section, and shall supervise the procedures for election of officers.
(E4.セクレタリ – 役員選挙を監理する。)

E.5 Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be responsible for collection and disbursement of all Section funds and shall have custody of all Section funds on deposit in banks. He/she shall be responsible for financial reporting to the Executive Committee at such frequency and in such format as the Committee shall demand.
(E5.トレジャラ – 略)

Article V
(第5条 カレンダー)

Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the Section shall be consistent with that of the Society, July 1-June 30.

Article VI
(第6条 委員会)

The Executive Committee shall establish committees as necessary for the proper operation of the Section.

Article VII
(第7条 会合)

The Section shall hold regular meetings at places and times designated by the Executive Committee.(Ex.Com.は支部の会合を開催する。)

The Section may hold special meetings at the call of the Executive Committee Chairperson or at the written request of fifteen members of the Section. The notices of special meetings shall state the exact nature of the business to be considered and no other business shall be transacted at such meetings.

Due notice of all meetings shall be sent to each member and affiliate of the Section. A quorum for transaction of business at a Section meeting shall consist of ten or 10% of the members of the Section, whichever is larger. No business shall be transacted in the absence of a quorum.

The Executive Committee shall meet upon due notice to its members at the call of the Chairperson or at the request of a majority of the members of the Committee. In the absence of a quorum, which shall be a majority of the members of the Executive Committee, called meetings of the Executive Committee shall adjourn to a later date.

Article VIII
(第8条 会計)

No Section dues shall be assessed to members. Voluntary solicitations for funds from members can be made under rules prescribed by the Membership and Sections Committee, or the Secretary-Treasurer of the Society.

Article IX
(第9条 規約の改正)

A proposed amendment to these Bylaws shall first be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee. If it is approved by a majority of the Executive Committee, the Secretary shall furnish all members of the Section with copies of the proposed amendment at the time when notice of the next meeting of the Section is given.

At the second meeting of the Section after notice of the proposed amendment is given, the amendment shall be approved if it receives an affirmative vote by two-thirds of the members present.

Any proposed amendment not approved by the Executive Committee within 60 days from the time it is submitted thereto may be brought to a vote of the membership in the aforementioned manner by a petition signed by not less than fifteen members of the Section.

Amendments to these Bylaws, after approval by the Section, shall be submitted to the Membership and Sections Committee of the Society via the Vice-President of Section Affairs. The amendment shall not be adopted or become effective until it is approved by the Membership and Sections Committee.
(支部の規約改正がなされた場合は、Vice-President of Section Affairs を通じてMembership and Sections Committee へ通知しなければならない。なお、同改正案は、Membership and Sections Committeeで承認されなければ発効しない。)

Article X
(第10条 支部の解散)

Upon dissolution of the Section, any assets of the Section remaining thereafter shall revert to the MTS parent society.